Nutritionist: Carcinogenicity chips and French fries proven

Hardly anyone believes that fries or chips are a healthy food, however many people still do not realize how it is harmful. The fact that cooking potatoes at high temperatures is formed of highly toxic and carcinogenic substance — acrylamide. About what is fraught with abuse chips and how to cook potatoes, says the nutritionist.

Диетолог: канцерогенность чипов и картофеля фри доказана

“Acrylamide is a compound which is formed by the thermal reaction of amino acid asparagine with sugars. This occurs during frying or baking of foods containing carbohydrates. In this case, the reaction occurred, the required temperature was above 120 °C. the existence of this threat to the health of people learned only in 2002, thanks to a Swedish scientist. They first confirmed the presence of acrylamide in fried food”.

What is the effect of the acrylamide on the human body?

A number of studies showed that frequent consumption of foods with acrylamide has a carcinogenic effect, meaning it can be an additional factor in the development of cancer. The main target of acrylamide reproductive system.

Is it possible to have fried potatoes?

You can, but you need to properly prepare. First, do not heat much frying pan, fry on slow medium heat. Secondly to prevent brown scabs. Thirdly, cut large slices, not less than 14 by 14 mm.

In addition, before hot soak peeled and cut potatoes for two hours — it will go away more starch and harmful substances will produce less.