Nutritionist: diet pills are very dangerous

A desire to lose weight while not limiting themselves to nothing — the dream of many people. These are the marketers of pharmaceutical companies, bringing to market the “magic pills” that promise instant results and long term results. In fact, they are all dangerous to health and to losing weight, more than half of the people, not lead. The dietitian, a gastroenterologist told why you should beware of “magic pills” for weight loss.

Диетолог: таблетки для похудения очень опасны

Dietitian, gastroenterologist, therapist Alexander Belodedov:

“I have studied the composition of many drugs and came to the conclusion that safe ways to lose weight is almost there. For example, the diuretic as a weight loss remedy may appoint only the doctor who after survey will see in them the necessity. Don’t forget that along with the intensive release of liquid output and useful substances”

But diuretics, only one group of the means of weight loss, there are and more dangerous.

Fat burners-the stimulants

They contain substances that stimulate the nervous system, increases vigor and physical activity. They love to get involved in visitors gyms. First of all, they are dangerous to the heart and blood vessels. For people with hypertension, heart failure, migraines, these drugs are fraught with fatal risk.


It is drugs that block the appetite. When talking about plant extracts, they are relatively safe (if you use them a short period of time). On the other hand, they reduce the appetite is not strong, and people quickly become frustrated.

Blockers fat

Fat blockers are substances entering our digestive system hinder the absorption of fat. Bind and remove virtually unchanged. However, we know that it is possible to get fat and sugar, and globally, they do not solve the problem, but the metabolism break can.