Nutritionist: lose Weight without exercising is not for everyone

Ways to lose weight without exercise proposed by scientists from the United States of America, can be compared with the advice of the “Captain Obvious”. Such a statement, according to the publication Nation News, did Michael Ginsburg, nutritionist and scientific editor, “lose Weight correctly”.

Диетолог: Похудение без занятий спортом подходит далеко не всем

The Americans say that in order to lose weight without intense exercise, enough to give up sugar, go for protein foods and build a diet. That is, for example, only for six hours a day. In addition, for effective weight loss basal metabolism, and poor sleep.

“Foreign colleagues have not informed us of anything new. People who sit on such diets, not difficult and make a little more effort to increase their physical activity. In this case, losing weight will be much more effective”, — said Ginsburg.

The nutritionist added that the intake of food with a long interval (that is the rule that there can be only 8 to 16) is not for all people. “This scheme is not suitable for everyone. If you do not play sports and only have from 8 to 16, the body just starts to use less energy. But already stored fat just will not go,” — said the expert. Ginsburg, in this case, said that the transition to a high protein diet suggested by American nutritionists, is really the right solution to help fight obesity.