Nutritionist told, what should be the waist in women and men

The waist measurement allows us to determine the amount of fat in the stomach area is the most dangerous to humans. This was announced by chief dietitian Catherine Pereladova, calling along the way, the optimum waist for women and men.

Диетолог рассказала, какой должна быть талия у женщин и мужчин

In our days one of the main methods of diagnosis of overweight and obesity is to calculate body mass index (BMI) which is calculated by the formula: weight (kg)/ рост2(m2).

However, according to the chief nutritionist Catherine Perlejewo, this technique has disadvantages. So, said the doctor, muscular and trained people can have a BMI that goes beyond the norm, but that does not mean that their body a lot of fat. High BMI may be due to large muscle mass, which weighs more than fat.

“Also, the body mass index may not accurately reflect the fat content in elderly people who have lost a significant amount of muscle mass. In addition, this figure does not reflect the specifics of the distribution of fat in the body,” was expert opinion.
“The waist measurement determines the amount of fat in the abdomen and the risk of diseases associated with obesity. Is taken into account the waist circumference and ratio of waist to hips,” said Pelehova.

The specialist explained that the waist in men normal is 94 cm and women 80. If we talk about the ratio of waist size to hip size in men and 0.9 in women and 0.8. Exceeding these ratios is a sign of visceral obesity, in which fat accumulates around internal organs, or them. This type of obesity is very hazardous: even the extra 5 inches at the waist increase the risk of premature death in men 17%, women — 13%.

The most effective way to understand how significant the problem of excess fat, is to perform two calculations — waist circumference and body mass index, the expert added.