Nutritionist told, who should not have carrots and potatoes

Dietitian Elena Solomatina warns that even boiled potatoes and carrots can be undesirable for people with diabetes – these vegetables increased the glycemic index.

Диетолог рассказала, кому не стоит есть морковь и картошку

The doctor said that a healthy person root useful in any way, but in the presence of chronic diseases diet will inevitably have to adjust.
The expert stated: those who are overweight or problems with sugar, need to be careful with boiled root vegetables.
According to nutritionist, carrots and potatoes are starchy vegetables: in thermally processed form they have increased the glycemic index. This means that after eating foods in your blood significantly increases the level of sugar.
To eat carrots Solomatina advised in a lightly fried form: this helps to protect yourself from problems with the growth of sugar in the blood and increase the absorption of beta-carotene.
Potatoes those who do not suffer from high blood sugar, can bring a lot of benefit baked: baked potatoes contain a lot of potassium, which lowers blood pressure, reduces swelling, improves heart.
“Patients have the diet must be determined in accordance with diseases. There are those who are crude roots: their fiber helps remove toxins, endotoxins, cholesterol. This is especially shown to those who have atherosclerosis, bowel cancer,” explained dietitian.