Nutritionists call unexpected cause of infertility and impotence in men

The study, researchers from Australia showed that men who abuse fast food, more likely to have problems with fertility and reduced sexual function. Nutritionists comment on the Australian colleagues and point to particularly dangerous products.

Диетологи назвали неожиданную причину бесплодия и импотенции у мужчин

“Obesity is associated with impaired testicular function that may lead to androgen deficiency and a lack of fertility. It is now clear that fast food consumed by men overweight or obese, has a direct negative effect on the testicles and testosterone production”. – reads the results of the study.

Foods that should be excluded from the diet of man or to use very rarely

Hamburgers and cheeseburgers
Researchers found that within two hours after eating the hamburger, the level of testosterone decreases in men by 25%.

Sweet drinks
Men who drink daily sodas with high sugar content, the number of active sperm is reduced by 30%. The fact that one bottle of this drink contains at least 5 tablespoons of sugar, and those who become addicted to them, don’t restrict yourself to one bottle. Liter in the day – obesity, and related impotence is not far off.

By itself, the potato is a useful product, but fries from face food contains large amounts of TRANS fats, which lead to reduced fertility. Frequent use of harmful and potatoes because of the starch.

“Starch affects carbohydrate metabolism and leads to increased level of female hormones in men, which violates the hormonal balance and inhibits sexual function. The effect resulting from the use of fries is comparable to what he does with the male body beer, — says the Russian nutritionist Margarita Koroleva.

Ice cream
100 grams of ice cream over 400 calories and over 20 grams of fat. It lowers testosterone and inhibits libido.