Nutritionists called the effective treat for stroke prevention

Dark chocolate is good for health.

It is a great source of antioxidants and minerals.

Диетологи назвали эффективное лакомство для профилактики инсульта

Everyone knows that dark chocolate is perfectly improves mood and does not harm the figure. However, what other properties of this delicacy we don’t know.

Treats heart
Regular consumption of dark chocolate fights cardiovascular disease. Studies show that cocoa reduces the risk of developing these diseases and positively affects the heart and vessels in General.

That’s because cocoa contains polyphenols and numerous antioxidants.

Prevents stroke
Scientists for decades has followed the health of two groups of people: those who regularly consumed chocolate and those who are from it is completely abandoned.

Of course, the results of such studies cannot be considered unambiguous. However, those who ate a lot of chocolate, there are other common habits which have a low impact on the risk of stroke.

Helps with coughing
Scientists have discovered that chocolate reduces the cough sometimes more effective than the usual cold medicine.

They conducted a number of studies and realized that the theobromine contained in cocoa, reduces the activity of the vagus nerve in the brain, which causes the cough.

Makes the brain work
Regular consumption of high quality chocolate improves the ability to analyze information. It also improves abstract thinking and memory.

Sun protection
Unexpectedly, but in chocolate, where at least 85% cocoa, enough of the flavonoids that protect against harmful radiation.

The effect will significantly increase if instead of a chocolate is cocoa beans. There is a concentration of good clothing, much more.