Nutritionists do not recommend eating instant noodles

Manufacturers of instant noodles are positioning it as an ideal product for a quick and tasty lunch, but in reality it is better to avoid this food party, say nutritionists. Scientists warn that regular consumption of instant noodles can be harmful to health.

Диетологи не рекомендуют есть лапшу быстрого приготовления

If you eat instant noodles only occasionally, it’s okay with you does not happen — of course, if we are talking about a product that has passed all the necessary inspections and certification and was approved for sale in Russia. But as a daily lunch a meal should not take it as anything useful in its composition no.

Palm oil, flour, processed grain, various pH Adjusters and other nutrients — the ingredients won’t kill you but will make it healthier. Accordingly, if you really love noodles, then think about switching to more healthy types. Like noodles from durum wheat.

We tend to think that instant noodles is an affordable product for low-income segments of the population, but if you calculate how much such a product in terms of kilograms, you will be unpleasantly surprised. To buy normal noodles — much more profitable — experts say.