Nutritionists have called 6 rules for weight loss

Many nutritionists have repeatedly said that it is impossible to start the diet immediately, you need to give your body to physically feel the changes that will happen to it gradually.

Диетологи назвали 6 правил для похудения

So, before starting a diet, you need to eliminate from the diet those things that bring a lot of calories and do not give the desired benefit. It flour products, sweets and alcohol. To exclude them immediately and to get and need to do it very carefully and gradually. First you need to reduce the dose, then switch to substitutes, but you can’t break off taking these products, because the body will start breaking.

Secondly, you need to set a time for meals and make it permanent. not to take food at different times, it will not develop habits in the body and will not give the desired feeling of satiety. It is impossible to take food in the morning on an empty stomach, not eating before drinking water with honey (this tones good and fill the stomach, therefore food will need less). In the evening do not need to eat 3-4 hours before bedtime. That is to fill the hungry is quite normal and not worth to be afraid of. A lot of girls do wrong when first the whole day eat nothing and at night literally zapihivaetsya different products and harmful and not. Therefore, it is worth to check and compile a personal diet, which you need to listen and carefully follow that in the end there was at least some result.

Thirdly, it is also important food intake. Even fruits and vegetables in high doses can severely damage the stomach and digestive tract. So should divide meals into several small meals and take in adequate but not exhaustive quantities. The smaller this, the better for the organism, because the energy gets need and not saving the fats. It is better to divide your diet in time by several methods and to take food in small portions, carefully as he ate every bite,after swallowing almost a whole piece, it is very harmful and bad for the body, in addition, thus slowing down the process of metabolism.

Further consideration should also be mindful of physical activity. If during the diet change active sports to yoga, the benefits from this will be much more, because the body can relax, but at the same time, catch up needed for relief muscle. Also, do not exhaust yourself and to get very tiresome during the diet, but in terms of loads to choose gentle mode, because otherwise the body will be severely depleted and this primarily affect appearance. This can lead to increased fatigue, sleepiness, dark circles under the eyes and even nervousness. Therefore, to avoid such negative consequences, you need to consider and choose the most suitable complex of physical exercises, which will not be much impact on health, but well podkorrektirovatj figure and improve appearance.

Diet before and after it is necessary to do a fasting day and take only water or juices. This will help the body calm down and go to another mode. During the diet, too, should not be excluded from the diet of favorite foods, you just need to make their ingestion to a minimum. If you have a weakness for chocolate, you can take a small piece and it is advisable to choose black, it is one hundred percent natural and therefore more useful to the body.

Also worth to take into account your body type and metabolism. no need to expect that on the second day of the diet, the body will lose weight two sizes. Diet is just a relief and respite for the body, and results can be seen even a week after completing the course. So you need to tune in to the processing time and maximum control over your intake of food, eliminating harmful products, which can be replaced by a more natural and healthy fruit or vegetables.

This will help to pass the diet correctly and without severe harm to the entire body, and also allow you to obtain while on a diet a lot of positive emotions and a good mood.