Nutritionists have called products that cannot have anyone ever

The phrase that “you can have everything, but in moderation” Spanish nutritionists have called delusion, and also listed a few products that are impossible to anyone, ever.

Диетологи назвали продукты, которые нельзя есть никому и никогда

The first Western experts called refined flour. Because of it there is a sharp increase and falling of level of glucose in the blood, which may contribute to the development of diabetes. Experts recommend replacing refined flour to whole wheat.

Next on the list are sausages. Nutritionists are reminded that they are half composed of various additives, starch and other not the most useful substances for the body.

Also of little use to bring a person low-fat dairy products. According to the research results of scientists at Harvard University, these foods usually contain sugar. In addition, they are much less nutritious than normal level of fat.

In the “black list” also got pastries, snacks, prepared foods and foods with the following inscriptions — “no sugar”, “low calorie”. And, of course, no one ever nutritionists do not recommend to use alcohol and processed meat.