Nutritionists have called the perfect Breakfast for those on a diet

American scientists from Cornell University in numerous studies and surveys have found that a morning diet of people with a slender figure, rich in fruit and nuts.

Thus, it is noted that most slim people do not skip Breakfast.

Диетологи назвали идеальный завтрак для тех, кто на диете

According to the survey, conducted among 147 people with an average weight of 61 kgs at growth of 168 centimeters, for Breakfast they often eat fruit (51%), dairy products (41%), cereals (33%), bread (32%), eggs (31%), wholegrain cereals (29%). For lunch most of the respondents prefer fresh salads, and snack nuts and fruit.

Also, the majority of respondents admitted that they do not adhere to any diets and never wanted to lose weight. However, 38% still do sports not less than 1-3 times a week.