Nutritionists have uncovered the most modern methods of weight loss

One chicken breast will not save, say nutritionists. They lifted the veil of modern method of weight loss.

Диетологи раскрыли самые современные методы похудения

According to nutritionists, the essence of this method is that it is able to destroy fat deposits, there is no need to fast or take any pills. Experts guarantee that damage to health in this method does not exist. According to them, this is not the diet, when one develops some disease, gradually turning into a chronic disease.

Nutritionists say that any person can easily gain extra pounds, but to get rid of them is not always easy. Weight gain as we have previously mentioned, contributes to the food of fast food, chocolate, and a motionless way of life, especially in the workplace at the computer. All this, experts say, peculiar to the inhabitants of cities.

They continue to transfer that can contribute to weight gain and, as a consequence, obesity: public transport or car workplace where the person is in a sitting position. At the same time, experts say, one must in a week to make 10 thousand steps, which in their opinion, the city dweller can not.

For such people the experts have developed a new technique of weight loss. This “diet” has captured the hearts of many Internet users, as it is with lightning speed spreading on social networks.

Nutritionists say that the Internet is now many different diets and methods, but a person with excess weight, you need to calculate what kind of diet suitable for his body. According to them, that the man himself knows his body better than doctors, so many people can’t get enough of simple chicken breast with vegetables or doing the difficult exercises.

Nutritionists say that a new method of weight loss does not contain any restrictions in food, so there is no strict time rules of eating. The main condition of this new method is that a person should drink in day not less than one and a half liters of pure water, and the diet should prevail nuts, fish and fiber.

Experts hope the new technique will become a leader among the other diets.