Nutritionists spoke about the usefulness of fasting diet

Fasting-diet worldwide is becoming more popular because it is really effective.

The essence of the diet is to increase the time interval between the last meal of the evening and the next morning.

Диетологи рассказали о пользе фастинг-диеты

Doctor Andrew Blueskin told how scientifically justified is the use of fasting diet.

He said that fasting diet needs to be roughly 8-12 weeks.

“The most rigorous system of regular fasting proved to be effective and safe. In 2019, a study was published strict version of fasting in healthy people with normal body weight every other day (Alternate Day Fasting), which showed that it reduces the caloric value of the diet up to 37% without the dietary restrictions and improve health without side effects for at least six months”, — he said.

A. Blueskin also spoke about the benefits of fasting diet.

“What is fasting through the day? This system, when you are fasting for 36 hours and eat in a span of 12 hours without limitations. This system has many different names (alternate day fasting, 36/12, every other day Every-Other-Day Diet (EODD), UpDayDownDay). This is a strict and complex system, but for a certain type of people, well control hunger, it can go. The study examined health indicators, and the reliability was carried out continuous monitoring of glucose (to exclude secret podjednou participants=). As a result, participants lost weight (up to 3.5 kg per month), decreased levels of visceral fat, muscle preserved, total cholesterol and LDL decreased, inflammation decreased ketone bodies in food was increased, the level of inflammation decreased, the level of T3 decreased slightly, the proteome is markedly improved. Why do we need such system? The fact that the classic chronic calorie restriction a lot of drawbacks: it is psychologically difficult in the long term, counting calories (limiting time diet, not the amount of calories is more physiological for humans), there are problems with the body, from bones to weakened immunity. Previous studies comparing chronic calorie restriction with postingom through the day showed that most of the indicators between them even on the span of 12 months there is no difference. Other studies show greater efficacy of fasting through the day against greater weight and a more pronounced improvement in some indicators, such as insulin sensitivity,” said the doctor.