Nutritionists told what is dangerous diet pills

Using these drugs can cause serious harm to the body.

Диетологи рассказали, чем опасны таблетки для похудения

Unfortunately, our country is one of those where people go to the pharmacy and buy the pill without an appointment and consultation. With regard to diet pills, people focus on the price and beautiful advertising, and most advertising offers to abandon the grueling workouts and diets, but promises to soon return figure slim.

Diet pills contain laxatives, which are irritating to the gastrointestinal tract, causing inflammation of the mucosa, worsening of liver detoxification, which and so broken. Not getting the necessary substances from food — amino acids, vitamins, valuable fats, affect skin, hair loss, reduced immunity, can join a fungal infection.

As regards the diuretic and choleretic effect, which is typical for almost all preparations of this group, an independent application is fraught with health problems-after all, one usually does not pass the medical examination. The technique can be the cause of stone expulsion, violations of the outflow of bile and urine.

There are drugs that reduce the feeling of hunger, acting on the satiety center in the brain, but causes sleep disturbance, headache, increased pressure. But not all buyers know about it.

And it happens that these pills do not contain it “dummy”. A man pays money for that is not clear, do not understand, but buying into beautiful words. People are always looking for easy ways, especially in such a matter as weight loss. But to really lose weight is quite difficult with one hand because you need to make great efforts — as well as physical and moral, especially for overweight people who find it hard to move and hard to change their eating habits.

To drop weight you need every day workout. In the first place to lose weight, you need regular physical activity, may it be weak, but long-term, people who are overweight need to start with long loads, preferably every day for 2 hours of walking, with regard to food, it should be vegetables and lean protein products and, of course, a complete rejection of sugar and fried foods.