NYT: Russia a few years introduced misinformation about the intervention of Ukraine in the American elections (PHOTO)

NYT: Россия несколько лет внедряла дезинформацию о вмешательстве Украины в американские выборы (ФОТО)

Russia for several years led a campaign of disinformation to shift the responsibility for Ukraine intervention in the American elections in 2016. According to sources of the newspaper the New York Times, this topic was discussed at the briefing with the senators and representatives of U.S. intelligence.

According to the newspaper, at least from 2017, the Russian intelligence passed allegedly falsified data regarding the interference of Kiev, known to Russians and Ukrainians, and those through intermediaries oligarchs, businessmen and their partners – shared data with the American politicians and journalists, who probably didn’t know about the origin of this information.

Subsequently, this misinformation has reached the President of the United States Donald trump, who discussed this subject with Russian President Vladimir Putin in conversation with President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. A conversation with the past the Democrats started impeachment proceedings trump.

A member of the Senate intelligence Committee Angus king at the briefing noted that Putin started to publicly put forward the theory of the Ukrainian intervention in early 2017 to take the responsibility from Russia. Intelligence believes that the misinformation campaign may have been involved Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska, who has previously worked with the former chief of staff trump Paul Manafort, who claimed that the server of the Democratic national Committee was broken into, most likely, not Russian, and Ukrainian hackers. He Deripaska denied any role in the scandal.

The briefing was given after the speech to Congress, former expert on Russia and Europe in the Council of national security of the United States Fiona hill. At the hearings on the impeachment of the hill called groundless the Ukrainian version of the intervention in the American presidential elections, saying that this version threw the Russian security services. The briefing was also devoted to the development of Russian tactics of intervention, including increasing abilities to hide more carefully the conduct of such operations. U.S. intelligence agencies believe Moscow may redouble its efforts during the election campaign 2020.

Recall that Democrats in Congress believe that trump has used his position to put pressure on President Vladimir Zelensky and threatened to suspend financial aid to Ukraine if Kiev authorities did not launch an investigation against the main political opponent of the trump Joe Biden.

November 20, speaking at a forum “Russia calls!” the President was glad that US attention now focused on the Ukraine. “Thank God, we now no-one accuses that we are interfering in elections in the United States and the Ukraine is now accusing. Well, let them sort it out between themselves, but that is a factor of internal political struggle, it has a negative impact still on Russian-American relations. I hope that that will stop. We are ready,” Putin said (quoted by RIA “Novosti”).