NYX au Diamant: dreamlike and magnificent…

NYX au Diamant: dreamlike and magnificent...


A daring combination of dance, circus and visual arts, Johanne Madore's NYX creation, presented this world premiere on Thursday, unfolded with grace and splendor at Le Diamant.

Releasing Friday and Saturday, NYX is an initiatory journey, dreamlike and beautiful, crossing the night to head towards the light. 

Inspired by her seamstress and businesswoman grandmother who died at the age of 106, the choreographer offers a great work full of inventiveness. A series of paintings where the soul of her grandmother, through clothing, presence and music, is present.

The idea of ​​doing a hybrid show featuring six artists from the circus world was something bold. Throughout the 75 minutes of this show, they deploy strength, grace and, sometimes, a lot of sensuality, through certain numbers with high difficulty coefficients.

NYX begins in the past with a grandmother who shows the basics of sewing to a little girl, to the sound of In the night, I hear a song, an old success by Tino Rossi.

A beautiful entry full of nostalgia followed by a first number with one of the artists who performs aerial acrobatics at the top of a long suspended fabric.

There are certain known circus devices, but those created and diverted by Pierre Przysiezniak and Sébastien Robillard are visually magnificent. 

Stunning Mathilde

The numbers around this initiatory journey of a little girl between dreams and tales are varied. A ballerina who does pointe, aerial acrobatics, contortions, jerky dancing and other disciplines. 

The sound wrapping of Claude Fradette and Pierre Przysiezniak is brilliant and goes into all kinds directions. The nods to Tino Rossi, to the opera The Pearl Fishers with the aria I think I can still hear and the one to the books-discs of children's tales, crackling included, bring a powerful feeling of nostalgia

Mathilde K. Richer offers a stunning and precise hoop number where we hear, at the end, the sound of the device which turns and which immobilized on the floor. 

Suspended from the end of a long piece of fabric, Leela Massuret offers a spectacular segment at the end of the performance. Catherine Beaudet, Laurie Bérubé, Andrea Ramirez Falcon and Megan Rennels complete the quality cast.

And the finale, symbolic, beautiful and nostalgic, brings the grandmother, accompanied by the Goddess of the night, towards the death. NYX is a complete success. A great show.