Oath to the King: a problem to be solved

Oath to the King: a problem to settle


President of the National Assembly until the appointment of a successor, the former CAQ MP François Paradis throws a nasty stone into the pond.

His decision stipulates that if the 14 deputies of Québec solidaire and the Parti Québécois refuse to take the oath to King Charles III by the time Parliament is convened on November 29, “the sergente-at-arms will be legitimized” to expel them. du Salon bleu.

According to its experts, this oath being mandatory by the Canadian Constitution of 1867, it would be impossible to derogate from it. Unless, we must understand, that Quebec elected officials do so by adopting a law in good and due form.

Other experts suggest that the oath could be put to an end by adoption of a simple motion in the National Assembly. Nice debate of constitutionalists in perspective…

Santa Banana

Politically, however, it would be inconceivable to prevent 14 duly elected deputies from sitting. Especially since in Quebec, the consensus is broad: this oath has had its day. 

Even less can we imagine the embarrassing image of the quasi manu militari expulsion of 14 Quebec elected officials, played on repeat in the foreign media, because of refusal to take the oath to the new king. Santa Banana, get out of this body.

By November 29, the important thing will therefore be to find a way through. For the CAQ government and the PLQ, this will require the will to find an honorable compromise in good faith. Ditto for the PQ and QS.

Crime of lèse-majesté

Could all these beautiful people at least agree on the deposit of a bill abolishing this oath during the first parliamentary session? Which, for the next election, would solve the problem.

In the meantime, to allow elected PQ and solidarity members to sit, wouldn't there also be a way to find a more creative way of take this oath? 

In 2022, does a self-proclaimed nationalist government really need to see the image of 14 “rebel” Quebec MPs expelled from Parliament for crimes lèse-majesté? Ask the question, as they say…

Oath to the King: a problem to fix