Obama confirmed that their friendship with Trudeau continues (PHOTOS)

Обама подтвердил, что их дружба с Трюдо продолжается  (ФОТО)

Former US President Barack Obama has signaled that he and Justin Trudeau are still good friends, stressing his admiration for the canadian Prime Minister during an event in Halifax on Wednesday. After Obama said that they “like”, it is obvious that the friendship of Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau all good after the election.

Former President Barack Obama this week came to Canada, namely Halifax, where he delivered a speech and answered questions from the audience, who paid for the opportunity to talk with a politician at the Scotiabank Centre.

And though meeting with an old friend Justin time during his short visit to the North he was not, Barack Obama did not fail to make a couple of nice compliments to the Prime Minister during the event.

Talking about various complexities of Canada-U.S. relations, Obama referred to the previous conservative leader Stephen Harper.

“We were able to work with the government of Stephen Harper on a range of issues, and according to some we are unable to reach agreement, and it was fine,” he said.

Further, Obama explained that he’s definitely more like Trudeau, when it comes to politics. “My own politics are obviously much closer to the policies of Justin”, he explained.

During a conversation with the audience in Halifax, Obama also drew attention to “a significant agreement” between American and canadian values.

“Let’s see the truth … – he joked – when you guys are in the US, 50% of the time we don’t see that you’re canadian. You get to us, and we don’t know!”

Just a few weeks ago Barack Obama officially urged Canadians to elect Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister, calling the liberal leader “hardworking, effective leader who is not afraid to tackle big issues, such as combating climate change.”

He said: “I was proud to work with Justin Trudeau, and added, – I hope our neighbors to the North will support his re-election for another term”.

In summer, both politicians arranged a meeting in one of the Breweries in Ottawa, and the Internet became from reviews of users of social networks.

Unfortunately, Trudeau, it seems, has no plans to meet with his best friend this week, since its calendar is Packed with meetings with Andrew Shear, Scott Mo and Gamecom Singh.

There is no information when will be able to see the following, but many are relieved to learn that their strong friendship is still in effect!