Obama endorsed the work of Trudeau, calling him a workaholic and an effective leader (PHOTO)

Обама одобрил деятельность Трюдо, назвав его трудоголиком и эффективным лидером (ФОТО)

Former US President Barack Obama calls on Canadians to re-elect the leader of the Liberal party of Canada Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of the country.

In his message on Twitter Obama said the world needs a progressive Board, and he hopes that Canadians will give Trudeau an opportunity to govern for another term as Prime Minister.

Obama said that when he was President, he had the honour to work along with Trudeau, he was named canadian leader of the hard-working, effective leader who makes a huge contribution to the fight against climate change.

Former US President published a message in less than a week before the start of the Federal election campaign in Canada.

Trudeau and Obama fairly quickly established close and friendly relations after 2015, the liberals came to power in Canada and they seem to have maintained their relationship even after the end of the second of President Obama’s term in January 2017.

Last spring they had dinner at a restaurant in Ottawa when Obama was in the capital as the headliner of the event, where he performed in front of 11,000 paid for it visitors.