Objects that are not completed by the beginning of EURO-2012 plan to finish

The Cabinet will prepare a roadmap for the completion of projects that were not completed in time for EURO 2012.

Relevant ministries and agencies identify ways of debt repayment and the financing of the program of construction and reconstruction of airports and sports infrastructure, which was prepared for the European Championship in football in 2012 in Ukraine.

This was announced by the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Oleg Nemchinov in Facebook according to the results of the meeting on the problematic issues that have arisen after the holding of final part of Championship of Europe on football in 2012 in Ukraine EURO 2012.

According to him, the meeting presented the current situation, readiness status and issues of airports and sports infrastructure, construction of which was begun and not completed under the State target program of preparation and holding in Ukraine of final part of championship of Europe of 2012 on football.

“Together with the Minister of youth and sports, Minister of infrastructure, representatives of the Ministry of Finance, relevant departments of the Cabinet of Ministers, State Agency infrastructure projects and NSK “Olympic” has identified solutions to the debt repayment and the financing of the program. Now we will carry out detailed analysis of the status of infrastructure projects, the adjusted need for funds and developed a road map for each facility, which will be presented at the next meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine,” said Nemchinov.

Объекты, не завершенные к началу ЕВРО-2012, планируют достроить

Customs reform: the Cabinet approved the plan

The official stressed that this is the first real step to solving the problem, which has lasted since 2012.

“Now we are talking about a national important objects for our country’s largest sports arena and air gate,” explained Nemchinov.

He is convinced that the completion and full commissioning of these projects will allow the country to obtain not only additional income, but also to implement a new sports and cultural projects of the world level.