Obstructive sleep apnea says many serious diseases

Snoring is a signal of a possible neurological, otorhinolaryngological pathologies, the shortage of oxygen to the brain and other organs. Brain snoring during sleep is not resting fully from the constant lack of oxygen occur micropropagate, which causes a headache in the morning, General poor health.

Синдром обструктивного апноэ сна говорит о многих серьезных заболеваниях

In some cases during the day, including at work, a man can suddenly sleep for a very short period of time – literally shut down for a few seconds. But if this person is driving, or his profession is connected with high concentration, which depends on his own life, the lives of others is fraught with serious danger.

“Don’t close the ears with ear plugs if your family member snores or stops breathing during sleep. These are two important symptom of a very serious disease Syndrome of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Snoring and stopping breathing during sleep can be associated with different causes and have a lot of masks. They come in a person’s life slowly and are often perceived as natural, age-related changes in the body,” warns the doctor-the otolaryngologist, the surgeon Olga Lodockina.

Apnea is often accompanied by hypertension, frequent urination at night, depression and apathy. Patients with sleep apnea usually have a pronounced excess weight, suffer from a headache in the morning, irritable and tend to lose interest in life. Many suffering from sleep apnea, sugar levels and insulin in the blood increases, and the level of testosterone decreases, which leads to defective personal life.

This sleep disorder affects 5% of drivers, and experts believe that it is the cause of one fifth of an accident. Obstructive sleep apnea can lead to the fact that sitting behind the wheel people “disconnected” in seconds.