Odell Beckham Jr. Injured Before Super Bowl

Odell Beckham Jr. allegedly injured before Super Bowl


Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. reportedly tore his anterior cruciate ligament long before the Super Bowl game. 

At least that's what the main interested implied. “Crazy idea…I really played the second half of the season without my ACL and won a Super Bowl. God never misses his shot, simply wrote the one who is still a free agent.

It is therefore impossible to say where and when exactly Beckham Jr. suffered this injury, he who was traded from the Cleveland Browns to the Los Angeles Rams, with whom he won the Super Bowl in February, against the Cincinnati Bengals. However, it was during this game that the ligament in question seemed to have given way, when the receiver collapsed on the ground following a play where the ball was sent in his direction.

< p>The 29-year-old athlete also underwent surgery for the second time in his career to repair this ligament, which he also tore during the 2020 campaign.

In 2022, Beckham straightened out his season when he arrived with the Californian formation, he who has 27 balls, including five for a touchdown, for 305 yards, and this, in eight duels.