Odessa “Barbie” was caught on the use of photoshop

Popular blogger, Insta-diva Valeria Lukyanova, who became famous thanks to the similarity to a Barbie doll, and now is known for a certain eccentricity and a fascination with spiritual practices, ridiculed in the Network. The occasion was a photo of her mom in her swimsuit, which she was added to announce the author’s program for the rejuvenation of the body. Mother “Odessa Barbie“ posing, standing by the sea — in the open dark blue kit. On the woman’s head — the visor with the inscription “Crimea“, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Ivona.

Одесскую «Барби» подловили на использовании фотошопа

To publish Valeria, immediately aroused heated discussion online. The first thing that caught my eye subscribers — a girl’s refusal to call the age of his mother. The followers tried to calculate it independently and came to the conclusion that the woman must be over 50 because of the “Barbie“ for 34 years. However, this was only the tip of the iceberg. More “sophisticated“ members — immediately noticed that the picture was processed in photoshop — though rather clumsily. Due to the fact that the figure “pulled“ — swam in the background.

  • Mom is very beautiful without photoshop! Zacham her “remake“ of photoshop, but still so rude?
  • It is so thin that the stones from the back floated, what?, — wrote online.

Judging by the fact that Valeria didn’t remove any comments or poorly processed photos a little hype for such a vibrant personality — it’s not a problem.