Odious in the calling model swimsuit on the world Cup stage on mountain skiing was a kind of tribute to Bryant (photo)

Одиозная модель в вызывающем купальнике на этапе Кубка мира по горным лыжам своеобразно почтила память Брайанта (фото)

Kinsey Volon

Yesterday in the Austrian Schladming hosted the world Cup in Alpine skiing.

The sum of the two attempts at victory in the slalom was won by Norwegian Henrik Kristoffersen, ahead of 0.34 sec. Frenchman Alexis Pinturo and 0.83 sec. the Swiss Daniel Yule.

Note that the intermediate stage leader spoke Italian Alex Vinatzer, they finally took the 6th place.

It is in the final stages of its second attempt happened one mixed episode.

The infamous Instagram model Kinsey volon decided to decorate the last meters of the arrival of Vinatzer, and at the same time to honor the memory of legendary NBA players Kobe Bryant, January 26, died in a helicopter crash.

In this volon, despite the freezing temperatures, it made a kind: one-piece swimsuit appeared on the ski track. As a result, Kinsey and Alex at the same time crossed the finish line, what Vinatzer, judging by his reaction, was very happy.

Model appeared in the lens of the cameras, holding a banner reading “RIP Kobe” (“Rest in peace, Kobe”).

Recall volon gained popularity, ran onto the field in Madrid’s final match of the Champions League-2018/19 between Liverpool and Tottenham (2:0).