Of all Russian words Legionnaire “Dynamo” liked “freak” (video)

Из всех русских слов легионеру "Динамо" больше всего понравилось "урод" (видео)

Nikolay Shaparenko

Despite recent setbacks Kiev “Dynamo”, both domestic and international arenas, midfielder “white-blue” Nikolay Shaparenko said about the good atmosphere within the capital team.

“I teach Fran Sol new words. And he liked the word freak. Asked me: what is it? And it’s day four and went so I called. With a sense of humor he’s all right. Takes jokes well,” said Shaparenko in interview to the program “Etusivu”.

“Unhealthy atmosphere in the team? I told him the same word can write for now. It’s a joke. And the press constantly catching the hype on this,” said 21-year-old Nicholas.