Of breast cancer men die more often than women

Although the populations of all cases of breast cancer history of men is less than one percent and their mortality from this type of cancer is 19% higher than that of women. This was reported by scientists at Vanderbilt University.

От рака груди мужчины умирают чаще женщин

According to Professor of epidemiology, Shu Xiao, among men with a diagnosis of “breast cancer” survival rates are worse than women, ill with breast cancer, but until the end the scientist is not clear. The scientist stated that the need to better study the biology of the process in men and treatment approaches in the case of such diseases as breast cancer.

In General, researchers from Vanderbilt University analyzed data from more than 1.8 million women living with breast cancer and 16 025 men with cancer of the breast. Their work revealed a significant difference in the diagnosis.

In particular, scientists have noted that the stage of the disease where men are diagnosed with breast cancer, usually later than women. In addition, on average, from this disease affects men more Mature age than women.

Surgeon hospital Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Dr. Denis Monaghan added that men do not always receive the same attention and treatment options as women, which also contributed to the mortality of the stronger sex from breast cancer.

“The health workers is sometimes overlooked is that men too can suffer from breast cancer. In addition, men need to be equally diverse possibilities for treatment, what are women: it is not only surgical intervention but also modern chemotherapy and radiation techniques”, said the doctor.

Prior to this, the representatives of the British Foundation for Cancer Research UK reported that male mortality from cancer is generally higher than in women. The reason for this difference is that men are very reluctant to visit doctors, in contrast to women who see a threat the symptoms usually go straight to the consultation, stated the experts.