Of flying to Florida the plane kicked out a mother with a child with autism: online outraged

The mother accused the airline that the staff kicked her 21-year-old son’s autism.

Из летящего во Флориду самолета выгнали мать с ребенком-аутистом: в сети возмущены

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Andrea Iavarone last week was traveling with her son Nikko Swoop Airlines flight to Florida. She explained that the crew knew about the disability of the son, landing in Hamilton. With her words, he was “mentally like a small child”.

They were allowed to pre-Board the aircraft before other passengers. She booked a number with Nikko, put him by the window, while she and her friend sat in the middle and on the aisle.

However, soon after landing, Nikko began to beat her and scream. She explained: “He’s not talking, so it is not possible to Express what upsets him. Sometimes my son hits himself on the head, but he does not do so constantly.”

Despite the fact that Andrea claimed that she flew with Nikko “dozens of times”, the crew refused to fly until the baby on Board. From their words it was “cruel”, and they “were worried about the safety of other passengers.”

Andrea tried to explain that this behavior is about to expire, that he won’t hurt you, but the arguments of the mother were unsuccessful.

“If my young child had a tantrum in the plane, and they pulled the hair of their mother, they would be kicked out of the plane? Because our incident was similar to this.” – the woman added.

Из летящего во Флориду самолета выгнали мать с ребенком-аутистом: в сети возмущены

Photo: screenshot Instagram/livebe4udie

They were removed from the flight before he offered money for her tickets, but not Nikko. They were then removed from the flight before they were offered a loan Swoop for her flight, but not Nikko.

Andrea refused and asked to fully reimburse their flights and another flight change.

Later Swoop reimburse both tickets, but did not cover its additional costs after it had to last minute book a flight with Air Canada.

Andrea shared a video of his son in Instagram: “Nikko — the child with special needs who just got kicked out of flight because according to them he is cruel… and they were concerned for the safety of other passengers, although he had a window seat and his mother was sitting next to him at the time.

Other users agreed with her. One person said, “this Whole situation is shameful, and I sincerely hope that you and your family will be able to see it.”

Another added: “are They serious? Poor boy. That’s disgusting.”

In a statement, Swoop explains that they are “mandated to ensure the safety of all its passengers and employees […] in accordance with our established Protocol.”