Off the coast of Florida have found a treasure worth more than a million dollars

У берегов Флориды нашли клад стоимостью более миллиона долларов

Treasures a few hundred years ago were transported by the ship Tierre Firme.

As you know, off the coast of North America lies a huge number of ancient artifacts that came to the bottom of the ocean during the colonization of the American continents. One of those fortunate enough to find divers explored waters off the coast of Florida. Vintage treasure, according to experts, can cost over a million dollars, according to

The luckiest team of hunters was led by Eric Schmidt, and went to explore the bottom of the ocean they have to find the jewels left by the Spanish fleet. The fact that a few hundred years ago off the coast of Florida crashed ship called Tierre Firme. The ship ran aground. A piece of jewelry sailors were rescued, others remained in the waters of the Atlantic ocean.

Carefully examining the bottom with a metal detector, a team of divers came across something three hundred meters from the shore and began the searches. And, as it turned out, luck did not disappoint to hunters. At a depth of several meters, the researchers found a number of valuable artifacts. Among them were 52 gold coins, twice as many silver coins and gold chains with a length of 14 meters.

It is easy to guess that such a discovery can bring divers a lot of money. Only a preliminary assessment of the experts suggests that the found treasure can be sold for one million dollars.