Official: “Karpaty” became the national team

Официально: "Карпаты" стали народной командой

Karpaty Lviv on its official website issued a statement which said that the club agreed to convey to the community of the city their corporate law.

“The whole “green-white” the family welcomes the historic decision of the Lviv city Council and the decision on the establishment of the people’s team.

Date February 13, 2020 will go down in the glorious history of FC Karpaty: by unanimous vote of the Deputy corps of the Lviv city Council decided to create the national team. Karpaty become the property of the community of the city.

Special thanks I want to Express my gratitude to the mayor of Lviv Andrey Sadovyi, whose contribution to the creation of national teams it is difficult to overestimate, the initiator, the inspirer of the decision, Gregory Kozlowski, chairmen of the factions, all the deputies.

As you know, under the terms of the creation of the national team “Karpaty”, voted for by the deputies, the main of them is: “Gratuitous transfer of corporate rights of LLC “professional football Club “Karpaty” in property of a territorial bulk. Lviv”.

FC “Karpaty” officially reports that corporate rights will be transferred free of charge into the ownership of the community, as is required by the text of the resolution”, – reads the statement.

We will remind, on the eve of the Lviv city Council made the decision on transfer of a long-term lease of FC “Karpaty” land of the stadium “Ukraine” in exchange for the transfer of corporate rights of the club in possession of the territorial community of the city.

The situation about the decision of the Lviv city Council on “Karpaty” also said the mayor of Lviv Garden.