Ogden of the symptoms of approaching Alzheimer’s disease called doctors


A group of scientists from the University of San Francisco has conducted a number of studies that have shown that the main sign of approaching Alzheimer’s disease is the desire to take a NAP. And this desire arises constantly throughout the day.

ОГдин из симптомов приближения болезни Альцгеймера назвали медики

According to studies, people with constant sleepiness affects brain cells responsible for wakefulness.

This symptom was noticed by the doctors much earlier, but believed that it only applies to people with dementia who have problems with night sleep, so during the day they often lie down to take a NAP.

Scientists at the University of San Francisco has destroyed this stereotype and proved that drowsiness is a predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease.

The experts observed a group of people with dementia and without it. It was found that patients with dementia the number of neurons in some brain regions was 75% lower, and the level of tangles of Tau protein (a clear sign of the disease) significantly increased.

According to the conclusions of scientists that in the early stages of the disease destroys brain network associated with arousal and wakefulness.

The experts concluded: the network is responsible for awakening are particularly vulnerable in Alzheimer’s disease.