OGHK reported on the growth of production in most areas

ОГХК отчитался о росте производства по большинству направлений

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OGHK increased their production during the crisis

One of the world’s largest producers of titanium raw materials reported on the work in six months.

For the first half of 2020, the United mining and chemical company increased production at both its plants, osvidetelstvovanie.

In particular, Iranskom mine was made to 92.4 thousand tons of ilmenite concentrate, which is 13% higher than the previous year.

Volnogorsk divisions produced 36% more Distin-sillimanite concentrate in powder and 33% more in a large form. Their total output has exceeded 3.5 thousand tons. Production of silica sand increased from 7.4 thousand tons in the first half of 2019 to 32.4 thousand tons in the same period this year.

At the same time, production of rutile concentrate VGMK did not exceed last year’s figures.

Guide OGHK reason for the increase of production refers to the change in the production guidance as well as the implementation of the updated technologies of enrichment of raw materials that were not previously considered commercially viable.

In addition, the company has a plan and a program of modernization that provide optimization of the resource base of the branches.

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