OGHK signed a contract with American DuPont on the improved conditions

ОГХК переподписала контракт с американской Chemours на улучшенных условиях

Photo: umcc.com.ua

OGHK signed a contract with the Americans

Ukrainian and American companies will continue to cooperate on more favorable terms.

United mining and chemical company entered into a new agreement with American companiesor on more favorable terms. Thus, the company refuted information about the termination of its contract.

It is noted that additional agreement samoosa OGHK to deliver their products to Americans is 25% higher than it was previously.

“DuPont is a proven global player and world leader in titanium technology. OGHK under any circumstances will be to fulfill obligations to a reliable international contractors,” reports Peter Davis, acting Chairman of the Board of OGHK.

Rumors about the break-up of the cooperation with DuPont in the company explain the manipulation by the former management of OGHK, who is trying to regain the levers of the enterprise.