Ohio: detained at the police station, he swallows his bag of cannabis



Detained at the police station for multiple traffic violations, an Ohio man swallowed his marijuana in a desperate hope of not getting caught.&nbsp ;

According to information reported by cleveland.com, the man from Lorain was arrested on August 20 by police after committing several traffic offenses, such as running a red light, stopping suddenly in traffic, driving at a very slow speed and slipping into his lane.

After failing a breathalyzer test and refusing to cooperate, the police proceeded to arrest him. While in custody at the Avon Police Department, he tried to get rid of his pot by eating it, but he got caught in the bag.

Be aware that the possession of cannabis is illegal in the state of Ohio. “Ohio criminalizes the possession of marijuana in any quantity. However, the degree of the penalties depends on the quantity of marijuana involved”, can we read on the site of the American law firm Joslyn.

This is not the first time that this kind of history occurs in Ohio. Indeed, a man had also choked in 2021 after trying to swallow his bag of cannabis. The latter had been saved by an Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) policeman.

“Don't try to swallow a bag of drugs when you get pulled over to keep a patrolman out of the way. find”, had then recommended the OSHP in a tweet.