Oil prices have fallen, despite a deal OPEC

Monday, 4 may, the world prices for oil at the auctions fell, despite the fact that from may 1 launched a deal OPEC++.

Цены на нефть обвалились, не взирая на сделку ОПЕК

As the Wave passes, this was reported on the portal TheICE.

It is noted that the June futures (contracts for future delivery) grade Brent became cheaper by 1.7%, to 25.99 dollars./barrel.

As for the cost of the June futures of WTI, it decreased 6.9%, to 18.41 USD./barrel.

It should be noted that from may 1, entered into force an agreement under which members of the Organization of countries-exporters of oil and their allies (++OPEC) to limit production volumes. Thus, it must remove the excess raw material from the market and also to raise the price. However, an immediate increase in prices did not happen, they continue to fall.

Leaving expected, oil prices will still stay low at least until the end of quarantine measures, and secondly, the restrictive measures may not be enough.