“Okean Elzy” released a short movie for the film “Black crow” (video)

«Океан Эльзы» выпустили эмоциональный ролик к фильму «Черный ворон» (видео)

The soundtrack for the anticipated historical drama on motives of Vasily Shklyar “Black crow”, in which she starred in the role of the elder musician Sergey Babkin, was the song of the group “Okean Elzy” “Veseli, brother, chasi has come”, written by Svyatoslav Vakarchuk. In the network appeared the emotional roller-based frames of a movie.

Above the musical accompaniment of the film for nearly four months working keyboardist of “Ocean Elzy” miloš sides. For each scene created the musical mood, Milos is in the Studio alone playing the guitar, piano and bass guitar, also in the recording Studio invited a real orchestra.

It was very interesting to work on the film. In addition to the impressive main story, there are bright emotions, even if they’re negative. Directed by Taras Tkachenko has taught me to look differently at the music of the movie. He is very thin feels every scene, which makes. I had a situation when I don’t fully understand the mood of the scene. Then we sat together, disassembled it to pick up organic music”, — told the composer, the sound producer miloš sides.

Recall the “Black crow” shows one of the tragic pages of Ukrainian history — the struggle of the rebels against the Soviets in the 1920-ies. In the center of the plot story of life and love of Ivan, nicknamed the crows, who became a member of the rebel movement of Kholodny Yar Republic. Irresistible thirst for freedom does not give the main character to stay away from the important events that unfold in his village. Therefore, he deliberately and boldly sacrificing family comfort and begins a desperate struggle for the independence of his native land, the future of Ukrainians and their own families.

The main role in the film was played by a young Ukrainian artist Taras Tsymbalyuk, the film also stars Paul Moskal, Andrew Motrenko, Ksenia Danilova, Daniel Bereskin, Zoryana Marchenko, Natalia Sumska, Alexei Tritenko and others.

Premiere of full-length historical drama “Black crow” will take place on 5 December.

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