Older than the country itself: 5 interesting facts about the US army

The author of the channel “Weapons and equipment” on “Yandex.Zen” shared some interesting facts about the United States army.

Старше, чем сама страна: 5 интересных фактов об армии США

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The United States army older than the United States

The U.S. army was created on 14 June 1775 as combining troops from different States in the War for independence. The United States as an independent state arose only on 4 July 1776, almost a year later.

The army is the largest landowner in the United States

In the possession of the Department of defense is 60 702 square kilometers of land in the country. This is comparable with the territory of such States as South Carolina or West Virginia.

The army and the Armed forces

We used to take these two terms as synonyms. In the United States army (US Army) is only a part of the armed forces.

Only the so-called army. Also in the organization of the US armed forces include the Navy, air force, national guard, transportation corps, marine corps, coast guard and military police.

Ranking system

In the US army a rather complicated system of titles with their assigned army rank pins for uniforms and insignias — a total of 27.

A surplus of officers

Officers in the us army 14.5% of the personnel. While posts for them is much smaller than the officers. So, for example, colonels (they called the colonel) as much as 3600. Good, the Colonel should command a brigade, which in the US army only 33.

This is due to the improvement of the ranks in the US army there are several important steps to overcome that very difficult. For example, from the ranks of the sergeants, of sergeants to officers, from officers to generals.

Intermediate title awarded virtually automatically. That is, if the man was able to become a second Lieutenant (the lowest officer rank in the US army), the conscientious performance of duty sooner or later he is guaranteed to become a Colonel.

The result of this overabundance of officers of higher rank often hold the positions required lower ranks.

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