Oleg Vinnik caught in a scandal, starring in the video of the “VSEMMIRE”

Recently in the network was published by the Russian video “VSEMMIRE”, which along with supporters of Russian President Vladimir Putin has played by the Ukrainian singer Oleg Vinnik.

Олег Винник попал в скандал, снявшись в видеоролике «ВСЕММИР»

Ukrainians act of the artist has caused a lot of questions, because in the clip he filmed together with the Russian artists who support the military aggression of the Russian government towards Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea. What “world” is it?

But the management of Oleg Vinnik have found answers to all the questions. It turns out that the part in Russian stocks is not contrary to the Patriotic position of the singer.

“Rsena patronati Mineralni proct, that CCB neglect have Mineralni day world, not to yde in rosrs iz getto the Patriotic pozicy artist. For umovami procto, the participant need Bulo separatist comfortable on camera, those scho VIN Hoca can say on Zahist world on planet I simovici the phrase: “everyone knows, what does the world” ridnoyu movoyu”-

said representatives of the artist publishing UKRINFORM.

In the video Oleg Vinnik says, “All the world” in Ukrainian and Russian languages.

To take part in the action, the artist decided on the eve of the International day of peace. But why couldn’t he record a separate video message, and joined Valeria, Vladimir Pozner, Denis Klyaver, who actually supported the war and the annexation remains a mystery.

“Soroku 21 September miniratna hromadskosti wasnich Mineralni day world. This Day the General Assembly, the UN agrosila day smorning deals world middle vsih countries I narodu — Yak at the national and on mineralna run”-

they say in a press-service Oleg Vinnik.