Oleg Vinnik frankly told how he survived the loss of parents

The singer shared that his father never visited the concert of a famous son.

Олег Винник откровенно рассказал, как пережил потерю родителей

Ukrainian singer Oleg Vinnik spoke for the first time, how to survive the loss of parents.

Because of the huge number of gigs Oleg almost never seen them. His father, Anatoly, so never been to a concert son. At that time, when a man is finally going to come to the speech of Oleg, his place in the hall remained empty. Not came, died, according to the program “Life of famous people”.

About the terrible loss of Oleg learned after the end of the concert. Then all the flowers that he gave to fans, he brought to his father’s coffin.

“Come to the father, brought flowers put in the coffin, the father with a smile. When I think about that day, there was this aura in the concert hall as in Church, I felt that smell. The flowers were carried to the mausoleum, there was a lot of icons from mount Athos. Was an icon and was such a mist in the hall, everything was unusual. Then I realized what it is”, — said winnick.

Immediately after the singer buried his father, he again went to speak. Then could not have imagined that years later history will repeat itself and he will again have to stand on the stage, knowing that he himself is a native person – mum — is no more.

“It’s not to stand at the machine, you’re working with emotion. Many have condemned me for this concert that I couldn’t stand on stage because the mother has gone to the light. How could I? Yes, I could turn around and go to her when she was still in the morgue, but it was 10 thousand people. Yes, they would understand me,” commented Oleg.

Oleg tired to make excuses, but sure did the right thing, because mom, Anna Yakovlevna, as if anticipating the worst, he asked his son never to cancel concerts and stay on stage for his audience. And two days after such a request, it did not.

“It’s hard to break himself and to work out a concert. Maybe if the mother hadn’t told me those two words, I would not go, nobody knows. But I’m still confident in my actions, I’m sure I did the right thing, I have fulfilled the will of the mother,” said the contractor.