Oleg Vinnik Grand concert has finished an extensive tour “Roksolana”

The artist made a full house at the Palace of sports.

Олег Винник грандиозным концертом завершил масштабный тур «Роксолана»

Recently completed a massive tour of Oleg winnick called “Roksolana”. The final chord was a Grand concert in the sports Palace, which was sold out.

The audience of 10 thousand people with loud applause and cheers greeted the appearance on the scene winnik.

From the first song “young wolves” did not spare their voices and feet. Under favorite and dolgozhdannoe such hits as “she-Wolf”, “Nino”, “Take me to your prisoner”, “I Want the ocean shore” and others, they loudly sang along the artist was dancing, jumping and shooting everything that happens on stage with their phones, so you can boast to their relatives and friends a valuable video from the concert of an idol.

Winnick pleased not only emotional, sincere and charismatic performance of songs, but spectacular light show. Oleg has performed on the stage of the transformer under different compositions of the light and screen design changed their position. Each song was accompanied by interesting visuals.

Pleasantly surprised Vinnik its spectacular and extreme appearance for the song “how to live without you” – he came down to the audience from under the multi-ton ceiling on a suspended platform.

“The wolf” was just crazy about this idea and bravery of the performer. Many fans were very worried about his idol, so it does not fall out. When Oleg jumped out of design, many shouted “Thank God!”

Many were mad that when the artist sang, shot into a crowd eyes, giving the impression that he looks at you, and the artificial wind blew his hair. The charm of Oleg couldn’t resist one.

One of the fans conducted a live broadcast of the concert for his grandmother, who with great interest via the phone watched the concert and smoked a cigarette. It was very funny.

A real surprise for all was the appearance on stage of Potap. Oleg together with him performed the song “Best day” of the Ukrainian blockbuster “Skujene wedding music” in which they starred. Their duet fiery speech just “break” room. All podtantsovyvat.

Besides the beautiful songs and the presentation of the new song “Crazy love” pleased winnick and his stylish images. First, the artist was released to the public in a classic black jacket with a black floral print, black trousers and black shirt. Then he got hot and he took off his coat.

The second outfit consisted of a gray t-shirt with his initials OV, black velvet jacket and tight black jeans.

Along with Winnick at the concert were “Charivna Kvitka” their team — backing vocalist Tune. She performed three songs solo.

The singer looked just fine. It is three times changed its outfiti. The first bow — dark green velvet outfit that consisted of a corset embroidered with beads, the tight trousers and long sheer skirt train, embroidered with sequins and beads.

The second way in which Tune made solo — black slinky jumpsuit. It is stressed slender sexy figure actress.

And the third outfit, the singer showed in an elegant black dress with a high slit.

Beautiful styling with curls and evening makeup made a bold bow Tune.

Олег Винник грандиозным концертом завершил масштабный тур «Роксолана»

The audience was delighted with the concert. She summoned winnik to sing “encore”. The audience in unison shouted “well done” and thanked the artist for the outstanding performance and the sea of positive emotions.