Oleg Vinnik told what edible gifts to give him fans

Singer Oleg Vinnik spoke about the upcoming concert at the Sports Palace on November 21.

According to the artist, this concert will take place on a real world level, says “Sedanka z 1+1”.

Олег Винник рассказал, какие съедобные презенты дарят ему поклонницы

“I thing to go with dignity. In the end it will be the world level many many times to change the scene, I can see the visualization of the scene. Really very serious,” commented the artist.

However, winnick admitted that the fans at the concerts often give him gifts, and sometimes even edible. The contractor said he will try what he is presented with the fans.

“The day before yesterday was a White Church, this is 22 a concert for October, and in the White Church there was a lot of food. And the bouquets were so, and were roasted duck, pies, peas, and pumpkin porridge. Love how people cooked, how delicious,” admitted Oleg.

In addition, said in the Studio “Sedanka” Oleg Vinnik and what men go to his concerts.

“I see the men in the audience, a lot of them. They say it’s real men to come Winnick. Such a random, no men. Then all laugh and clap because they know why they are there, of course, because of their girls. Many men who dance, I see they like. That’s not what they are doing you a favor, they with pleasure, and I love it,” shared the actor.