Oleksandr Usyk came to the children’s festival in the image of the Joker

Александр Усик пришел на детский праздник в образе Джокера

The tendril managed to see the continuation of the story of Arthur Fleck and showed up in the image of the Joker on the children’s party on the occasion of the birthday of the son of Vasyl Lomachenko. Creepy smile Alexander perfectly with the made-up face.

The photo they posted on their joint account.

Usyk went on trend this year and tried on the makeup the most popular villain these days. Here’s what I think fans and followers of Alexander:

“Ha ha 😂, and everyone is looking for the Joker 🤷♀️🤷♀️🤦♀️”, “Cool. Mustache Handsome👍👍👍”, “Not found!!!👍👍👍”, “That’s the way to fight come out in pants from naklal 😂🙌”, “Come out to the ring in a negative manner to the enemy, no one has generoulsy the heavyweights 🤬👹🤡👺💩”, “To LECO”, “Not a Fig yourself gorged belly! 😂”, “On the belly came from champion 😂😂😂”, “Svitanok cool👍”, “Sasha you’re a believer…😔”, “you’re scaring the children 😂”, “Pretty 👍😂”, “not a Christian”, “How SOCAN makeup done”, “Where is he with the bat sitting on car”, “Memonic grew😮”, “Hearos 😁👍🔥”, “IT’s the NUMBERS ON the JERSEYS, HOW many KNOCKOUTS IN the heavyweight division WILL be?🤔”, “Cool offffff 👍🏻🙈 Louis generally on the farm”, “🙈Cool)))”, “Can be booked for children’s BIRTHDAY?”, “Whoo👌👌👌👌👌”, “🔥🔥🔥”, “With all due respect, this mask is not You.”, “Face fury after Your fight!)”, “Ha, cool! It will be necessary to itself such to draw😀😀🙋”, “Scary very scary if we have shale what it is.”