Olesya Zhurakovskaya survived family drama

At 23, Olesya graduated from GITIS and almost immediately jumped out to marry a rich foreigner, reports the Chronicle.info with reference on the Facts.

Олеся Жураковская пережила семейную драму

Her future husband, the actress he met by chance in a shop whose owner he was. The businessman is a Muslim was very popular and charming Ukrainian. Olesya fell in love.

“And I knew that if I stayed around, in one terrible moment, I may just not be physically. 5 years, we lived together, but the relationship was less decorated,” — said Zhurakovskaya the program “Sravi way”.

But instead of sweet-provided life Olesya received a Golden cage. The husband forbade her to work in your favorite profession, was in control every step. And when something is not liked, often raised a hand on my wife.

“It was scary. Any woman can be in this situation. And it has nothing to do with her beauty or intelligence. Can this be folded. Such uncontrollable things. And it’s not ashamed. Wasn’t there a point terrible to say that something happened. It’s just up, accumulated. We have been distant and distant. And actually your birthday I realized that all of, well, how could I be unhappy birthdays? Enough” — said Olesya in category “Kava z pepper” on the channel “Ukraine”.

After five years of married life, the actress decided to leave her husband. He announced it after his next fit of rage. The wife is outraged that Olesya, zasidelis with friends, came home late. His cruelty knew no bounds.

“There was a scandal. He realized that I can’t control, as if he had never rushed that he would have me do, no matter what terrible things did not say, I do not give more control. And all” — with tears in his eyes said the actress.

In his native Kiev Olesya returned only cat Base and a sewing machine.

The homeland actress started life with a clean slate and are very successful. It plays a leading role in the theatre a lot in films. Now 46-year-old actress is not married, has no children have. All the time she devotes to creativity.