Olga Bukovec against raising the rate “Ukrenergo”

Ольга Буславец против повышения тарифа «Укрэнерго»

Acting Minister of energy Olga Bukovec believes that the tariff increase NEK Ukrenergo will not be justified.

The initiative’s relatively high growth rate of national energy company Ukrenergo is not justified.

This was stated by acting Minister of energy Olga Bukovec.

According to her, the anti-Crisis energy headquarters in early may has developed a list of specific actions to resolve the issue of financial imbalances GP “Guaranteed buyer”, among which:

— agreement with investors for a voluntary reduction in tariffs of renewable energy sources;

— increase the share of bilateral contracts with end users in portfolio sales of “Energoatom” SE “Guaranteed buyer”;

— the abolition of trade restrictions applied by the Regulator and Ministers exclusively to the GP “Guaranteed buyer”;

— a number of non-tariff measures Finance PSO for the supply of electricity to the population and ensuring the production of renewable energy.

“The signing of the Memorandum with the investors of RES and the adoption of the bill will reduce the burden on the final price of electricity. The implementation of the decisions of the Crisis staff will avoid the significant growth of tariff for transmission of electricity “Ukrenergo”, — said Buslovich.

She noted that the support of MPs is extremely important in making key zakonoproektu, in particular:

— bill No. 3658, which implementeret provisions of the Memorandum “on mutual understanding On settlement of problem questions in the field of renewable energy in Ukraine”;

— bill No. 3364-1 providing for the issue of certification of the system operator “Ukrenergo” and the resolution of the debt crisis on the market of electric energy;

— bill No. 2390, which amends the Code of Ukraine on procedures of bankruptcy, including efforts to resolve the debt issue on the market of electric energy (second reading);

— bills No. 2389, which suggests changes for the debt settlement in the electricity sector in the Tax code, and # 2388, which provides for changes in the norms of the Budget code of the sources of formation of special Fund of the state budget and identifying sources of debt repayment;

— bill No. 3657 amending the Law of Ukraine “On electricity market”.

“The crisis in the electricity market has developed since January of this year. Unfortunately, the lack of the necessary decisions during the last 6 months of the responsible authorities have made the situation extremely difficult. Instead of a number system, effective measures, we propose to simply raise the rate of NEC “Ukrenergo” several times is an inefficient solution. Tariff NEK “Ukrenergo” should happen in the end when you are exhausted all other possibilities. Because the increase of tariff for transmission of electricity for industrial consumers can affect the cost of goods and services for the population”, — said the acting Minister.

She also noted that extremely important actions of the national Commission in the matter of revision of the dual price of constraints (price caps), which operate on the “market” only for GP “Guaranteed buyer”. Also, the Regulator needs to take measures to eliminate manipulation of the electricity market by individual participants.

“I urge MPs as soon as possible to submit these draft laws to the Verkhovna Rada. This must be done before the start of the parliamentary “vacation”. Also invite the members of the national Commission to full immediate implementation of the decisions of the anti-Crisis energy headquarters, which are needed in the industry, investors, consumers”, — concluded Bukovec.

Earlier, Bukovec said that the increase in the rate of gas consumption for residents in the near future will not be because such a decision requires a balanced and integrated approach, taking into account the need to install people counters.