Olga Cybulski has risked his life to rescue a gentle photo shoot

Popular Ukrainian singer Olga Cybulski, who recently had first lit her husband’s face adorned the cover of the famous gloss, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to TSN.

Оля Цибульская  рискнула жизнью ради нежной фотосессии

The star was the main character of the September magazine “Natalie” and starred in a gentle photo shoot for the sake of which he risked his life.

The photoshoot took place on the roof of TSUM, where Cybulski, together with the team of the magazine, worked under the scorching sun dining for over three hours. So, for bright scenes Olga leaned over protective side and, due to heat, dramatically slid down, staying a few inches from the fall.

Cybulski is convinced that the resist due to the fact that was in the frame and most focused on work. The singer never stopped shooting, even after the dangerous episode.

Finally, the frame that the photographer shot a few seconds before it became a magazine cover.

Оля Цибульская  рискнула жизнью ради нежной фотосессии

Risky photo shoot, the magazine published a candid interview with Oli about cosmic love, a real taste of life and a little spice in your personal life.