Olga Cybulski made his debut as a perfumer

Olga Cybulski will now please their fans not only new compositions but also for its flavor — actress released her first perfume.

Оля Цибульская дебютировала как парфюмер

The name of the fragrance is a #body2body. The slogan of the same name, “My body for your body” — a line from a popular song Oli, which perfectly conveys the intimacy and significance of fragrance in every woman’s life.

Olya frankly admits that this fragrance reminds her of the first proximity with the beloved man, she really could not decide.

“I’m a late flower in the romance Department. The Apple that eve took a bite as soon as I realized why she’s with Adam, I’ve been bitten already being a big girl. 24. This night and the feeling was conscious. I carefully prepared. Picked up underwear, fragrances, candles, dishes for dinner. I wanted it to be special.

When I thought about body2body, then just closed my eyes and remembered the scents that intoxicate the night with kisses. And subtle notes present in a perfume. Because no woman can resist true love”, confessed Olga.

Basic notes #body2body: violet, Mandarin, Jasmine and musk.

Оля Цибульская дебютировала как парфюмер

The process of creating the scent lasted almost a year. For this Cybulski several times, flew to Turkey, where he searched for a unique formula with top perfumers, who worked with the legendary Dior and Nina Ricci.

The perfume will be available in December.

By the way, the presentation of the perfume will be held on November 29 in the shopping center Ocean Plaza. Olga tells all the secrets of development, will show an exclusive video diaries, answer questions of fans and treats. The star will also hold an autograph and photo session. No visitor goes home without flavor #body2body.

We will remind, Olga for the first time demonstrated its own exclusive design of the bottle in the clip “Angels Crying”.