Olga Cybulski was intrigued by all your photos with Nikita Dobrynin

Ukrainian singer and TV presenter Olga Cybulski presented to the fans new work. That can even be called “provocative”. On the day of the presentation, she posted “strange” photos from the party show the Bachelor 9 Nikita Dobrynin. Imagine that against you the whole world. How do you explain all what is love? And most importantly, what if your world and so holds your hand? commented on riot singer.

Оля Цибульская заинтриговала общим фото с Никитой Добрыниным

“Angoli Cry” — a new sensual track Oli Cybulski about every girl who dared to love. The singer openly and truthfully describes the experiences of girls who make a decision to love even when it’s impossible. Otherwise, Angoli Cry.

Olga Cybulski — Angola cry

On the day of release Cybulski has published in his instagram incriminating photo with TV presenter and ex-bachelor Nikita Dobrynin. A real relationship TV couples remain a mystery to fans for almost a decade.

Оля Цибульская заинтриговала общим фото с Никитой Добрыниным

“Seem, I ukrala you… Vnoc TSE posted a photo zlyakalas I Vidalia. On wounds dislo. Hto not loving the us I don’t prebaciti. For happiness requires smelosti I música. Z Prem rou us #agriplast” — ambiguously explained garjachego frame Olga.

Note that Cybulski has a husband. Although he is a very private person. In 2015, the couple had a son Nestor.

Fans of Olga immediately began to comment on her intriguing photo:

  • “Lubt I be always loved!”
  • “Okay so!”
  • “VI again?”
  • “Dasha cries Nikita stole”
  • “Stick the photo. Someone here pobachiti more than friendship?”