Olga Cybulski was tired of speculation about the “suspicious” resemblance of her son with DZIDZIO

The actress admitted that every day receives hundreds of reports of “suspicious” resemblance of her son with DZIDZIO

Оля Цибульская устала от домыслов о "подозрительном" сходстве ее сына с DZIDZIO

The famous singer Olga Cybulski only recently introduced Ukrainians with his son Nestor, that was not solved for four years. But her husband’s star is still keeping secrets. This prompted fans to actively Express their own guesses against the boy’s father. However, Olga did not expect it to go that far.

In the new edition of his YouTube show #of Espanola Cybulski admitted Natalia Kholodenko, which suffers from the constant pressure of subscribers:

I always write that I have a child from Jiji. I have just obtained a photo of Nestor in instagram and everybody write that they are one to one and all is all I see”

First, Olga tried not to respond to such message or joke in response, but eventually close my eyes harder.

“To me it’s catchy. Not to say that hurts, because Jiji is a very nice guy, from a guy bring this happiness, but everything must have its limits,” commented Cybulski.

In instagram stars are really no pictures with my son, which the boy would not compare with megapopular singer:

  • Chet the son of Jiji are very similar”
  • “I’m your son like Zzo”
  • “Yes, it is zzivi”
  • “What about the baby at Dzidzo similar, like two drops of water!!!”
  • The kid is the spitting image of Jija…”
  • The kid is very similar to Michael Homa”
  • “My son drew a beard and went Dzidzo young”
  • “Son Ziza similar”
  • “I think the one that her son is similar to Jiji?))” — only a small part of the comparisons under each photo