Olga Polyakov in a corset compared with MARUV

Olya Polyakova never ceases to amaze fans of shocking. Her extravagant concert outfits, especially golovine hats from the once innovative features to the original crowns have become the hallmark of the star. Even on the live broadcast of the show Dancing with the stars singer 2019 come in latex and Krasnoi skirt. On the new photo in instagram Superblondinka remained not only true to yourself but also added fuel to the fire, lit up in the company very outrageous dressed men.

Олю Полякову в корсете сравнили с MARUV

The singer is on a black leather sofa. Her black and white corset, the original flat hat and ankle boots with high heels. On both sides of the artist sat two young male dancers for her ballet show. In one of them we can easily recognize the Maxim Ezhov, ex-partner Lesnie nikitiuk on Dancing with the stars.

I must say that the guys were dressed very unusual – netted tights, high-heeled shoes, leather minimalistic outfits, partially covering their half-naked bodies.

“Mr. Shaw you waiting for? #eyecontact”, signed shocking scenes Queen of the night.

The photo caused a stir among subscribers Oli. Commentators have compared the singer with her colleague MARUV and appreciated the bold experimentation of the star.

  • Olya, fire! In principle, as always!
  • Polikova decimated by Mara? Maybe not necessary
  • Guys in tights – Robin
  • Sorry,but something Marow “smell”. In General, You are cool
  • Marov resting on the sidelines
  • Fine line
  • Camp.