Olga Sumskaya admired the beauty on archival photo

Today Ukraine celebrates the Day of workers of television, radio and communication. With this holiday subscribers decided to congratulate Olga Sumskaya. The actress he spent many years on television, appearing in films and TV shows, so that has to this day a direct relationship.

Ольга Сумская восхитила красотой на архивном фото

“With the day of workers of television, radio and communication! 1997, my start on the TV program “Empire cinema” @ 1plus1_ua_ … Nice to remember that period of life. Television was a completely different, more intelligent, instructive .., ” wrote Sumi in the social network.

The post Olga was accompanied by a series of archival images. Star showed what she looked like 20 years ago.

Members noted that while Sumi was a real beauty. However, according to fans, the star has managed to keep its beauty now. Despite his age (Olga 51 year) the actress looks great and is still popular on TV and at numerous admirers of her talent.

We will note that Olga managed to achieve success not only in professional activities but also in personal life. Star raised two charming daughters. The eldest heir of the actress Antonina, which came to light in marriage with Eugene Paperny, inherited her mother’s beauty and talent. Tonya lives in Russia, where he built a career as an actress, and a few years ago she gave Sumy first granddaughter. Youngest daughter Olga Anna (her father Vitaly Borisyuk), this year became a student. The girl is in no hurry to link their lives with the acting.