Olga Sumskaya openly talked about the difficult second pregnancy

Actress Olga Sumskaya — the happy mother of two daughters who have followed in her footsteps, determined to become Actresses. In category “Kava z pepper” on the channel “Ukraine”, she openly talked about the difficult second pregnancy.

Ольга Сумская откровенно рассказала о непростой второй беременности

The first pregnancy passed without complications for Olga Sumy, and soon Olga came into the rehearsal process, but during the second birth, the actress was almost killed.

Was such an easy pregnancy and such heavy labor. I had about a month to wear, and suddenly my blood pressure is two hundred twenty-a hundred and twenty, I feel that I have a very heart beating

said the actress.

Then Sumy put a rare diagnosis, which happens once a few thousand pregnant women — gestosis. Sumi says now from preeclampsia could even die. And so — to avoid death — the woman was hospitalized and immediately caused a premature birth by caesarean section. Therefore, the youngest daughter of Sumy was born premature.

I did a little, not denounced, it was like a fog. I can’t even remember how I took her in my arms, I felt very bad

says the actress.

Then the daughter brought a father — people’s artist of Ukraine Vyacheslav Ignatievich Sumy.

Dad’s hands were swollen, he’s right no gloves, my dear, tearing nettles and made nettle bath. He was shredded, and med one to one mixed and spoon dining room each day, and had to be kept in the fridge, and so I am very well raised hemoglobin

said Sumi.